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Your biggest investment is your home, and its appearance is something most important to how others see you and perceive you. But that’s not all! Your home’s appearance also reflects how you feel. A clean house will make you feel happier, fresher, and motivated for a new day. We all know that house washing in Red Oak is on a must-to-do list, but if you want to avoid the hassle of an all-day project with mediocre results, then consider hiring our Red Oak Soft Washing. From wood to brick, and every other material between, we will clean it flawlessly – we guarantee! Your house will have instantly increased curb appeal, and algae and stains will be removed completely.

Our Various Soft Washing Services

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl House Washing

What makes vinyl great is the affordable price and beautiful look. However, the problem is that vinyl is usually a lighter color so algae can be easily spotted. But don’t worry, we will wash your vinyl so it will look bright and clean again. We use a specialized solution to avoid deformation and warping of vinyl. Places around windows or door frames must be treated carefully – let us wash your vinyl siding and leave you with a clean, bright, and beautiful home.

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Stucco Siding

Stucco House Washing

Stucco is one of the most popular materials for home builders. It is affordable, lasts long, and it looks great. Unfortunately, like brick, stucco is ideal for algae growing in humid weather conditions, which can greatly affect the appearance of your house and its value. Our affordable and quick stucco house washing service is a perfect way to have a completely clean house. It is not an easy task, so we use several different approaches to remove all stains from your home.

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Wood Siding

Wood House Washing

If the siding is washed by high pressure, it will be damaged. Whether you have a warranty or not, you don’t want to notice the color fading that can occur after an improper house washing job. Also, corrosive or harsh chemicals should never be used in this type of washing. That’s why we use a professional solution to clean the hardie board with low-pressure washing. Soft Washing in Red Oak will clean your siding in a completely safe way. All algae and stains will be removed from your hardie board siding, and it will look fantastic!

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Benefits of our specialized red oak house washing

If you leave the soft washing job to inexperienced people who do not have enough knowledge, your house will be damaged. The use of high pressure in this type of washing is not suitable, so we use a specialized approach known as soft washing. With this method, the job will be done with zero damage to your property and zero pressure, not even the smallest plant on your property will be damaged. House Washing Red Oak technicians have vast experience behind them, and with all this, we use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and powerful detergents that are safe for your family and your pets. For your money, you need to get the highest quality service, and that is what we offer!

How Our House Washing Helps You

prevent damage

During winter, all the moisture that has accumulated can lead to serious damage and ugly stains a home’s exterior surfaces. If these stains sit for a long period, unrepairable and permanent damage can result. That is why regular soft washing is inevitable. Power washing will remove all grime and dirt and prevent it from becoming permanent damage that is expensive to repair. And besides that, your family will be healthier when mold and algae is removed from your home.

save money

When you buy a house, it is a big investment that you need to take care of. Soft washing is a great way to save your investment and should be on a regular basis cleaning routine. Our Red Oak Soft Washing will prevent you from constantly having minor repairs to the exterior of your house because it is regularly maintained, and algae and stains do not have a chance of damaging it. House washing will restore the old glow of your house like it used to be once you bought it.


It’s not just about the home appearance that mildew and dirt affect, but also about you and your family’s health. All grime, mildew, and dirt that accumulate on external surfaces can be dangerous. Removing them with soft washing helps you to keep your family and pets from getting sick. These surfaces are ideal places for many bacteria, viruses, and microbes, and with professional service, you will not only get rid of them, but their recurrence will be prevented.

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